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Getting to Know the French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog was never categorized as a sporting breed and is well-known as a household pet. This breed was accepted into the AKC initially in 1898. They typically weigh about 17 to 28 pounds and stands approximately 11 to 12 inches at their shoulder when fully grown. In order to establish whether a French Bulldog is a good breed to have for yourself and your family, you first need to consider what this breed’s temperament as well as needs are.

French bulldogs are generally either small or otherwise medium sized and often looks like a miniature mastiff. They normally have shoulders that are broad, deep chest, thick neck in addition to well-developed muscles. The color of their coat is typically brindle or otherwise white and fawn. If this breed is not treated as show dogs, they can as well be bred with black, liver, or mouse coat color.

These dogs are typically affectionate as well as energetic in personality. They make good family pets as it is easy to form a loving and close bond with them. It is not necessary to give them plenty of exercise as they are not the sporting breed and their energy is typically at a low level. While the French Bulldog can be a good household pet, they are apt to do better with older children than very young ones since it sometimes is unable to be very understanding or tolerant of their behavior.

Typically, this dog breed will be able to tolerate different pets, however they should be introduced to the French Bulldog while it is still a french bulldog puppy. The French Bulldog is very easy to train due to its alertness and intelligent nature, not like an English Bulldog. But many families simply choose to keep the dog for a pet without training it at all.

The French Bulldog has some special health issues that you must take into consideration. The primary issue for this breed is that too much exercise or when they are over excited or exposed to high temperatures in the environment can lead to breathing problems. This condition is named Brachycephalic syndrome, and it is due to their short snout and skull shape in general. Their breathing issues is apt to get serious and also life threatening. So, you are not supposed to walk your French Bulldog under the hot, dry weather and never leave them outside under the hot temperature for long periods. Get in touch with a vet right away whenever you see them having difficulty breathing or acting like they are unable to catch their breath. By so doing, your French Bulldog can receive treatment before its condition gets too serious.

If you believe a French Bulldog is the right breed for you and your family, then get in touch with French Bulldog breeders now.

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